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“The Clearfield Machine Shops were founded and built in 1867 by A.F. Boynton and George S. Young, under the firm style of Boynton & Young. They operated it until the latter part of the year 1870, when Mr. Boynton sold his interest to G.L. Reed and William D. Bigler, after which the firm name became Bigler, Young & Co., and so continued until the year 1880.

At this time William H. Mulhollan purchased Young’s interest, and Frank B. Reed took one-half of G.L. Reed’s interest, and the name of the firm was again changed to Bigler, Reed & Co.

The works are located at the corner of Fourth and Pine streets. The buildings comprise a machine shop, foundry, boiler, and blacksmith shops. The special feature of the company’s work is the manufacture of fire brick machinery, and mill machinery in general, as well as castings, boilers, and machine work.”

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Gray Iron Castings

Clearfield Machine Company has the capabilities to produce a wide variety of foam patterns determined by your casting needs. 

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Clearfield Machines

For over 100 years Clearfield Machine Company has produced machines used for sizing, mixing and compacting materials.

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Ductile Iron Castings

Clearfield Machine Company produces Ductile Iron castings up to 18,000 pounds in various configurations from basic bars and rings, to highly cored volutes cylinders, and impellers.

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Painting: Rust Preventative

Clearfield Machine Company offers basic prime painting and rust preventative coatings as an added service.

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Patterns & Patternless

For custom made – highly intricate parts in quantities of one piece – or production volumes directly from your CAD design – consider the Patternless process to manufacture your sand molds.

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Machining: Manual CNC

Clearfield Machine Company offers a complete complement of machining capabilities to match its diverse casting production.

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Markets We Service
  • Original Equipment Manufacturers
    Original Equipment Manufacturers
  • Construction
  • Machine Builders
    Machine Builders
  • Specialty Castings
    Specialty Castings
  • Replace obsolete parts
    Replace obsolete parts
  • MADE in USA for 150 YEARS
    MADE in USA for 150 YEARS

Clearfield Machine Company