OEM Materials Processing

“Clearfield Machine is a very good company to work with. From the Quality Control aspect, they do a very good job at fulfilling my company’s requirements and completing the required documentation. They strive to be accurate and timely.”

President; Large Bearing Mfgr.

“Our company was presented with an opportunity to supply parts one of our customers that we had never done before, and all we were able to provide was a very poorly copied drawing of the finished parts. The good people over at Clearfield were able to take this print and supply us with exactly what we needed in a reasonable time. Without their expertise we would have missed out on the opportunity and would have disappointed a very good customer. They are our go-to place for iron castings”

V.P. Machinery Mfgr.

“When Clearfield is given an existing part – they are able to model it, make the necessary pattern and then cast, machine and finish it completely.  We can offer obsolete parts to our customers at a reasonable price in a timely fashion.  Clearfield makes us ALL look good”

Senior Casting Buyer

“When I was searching for an iron casting supplier I found that there are a number of foundries capable of making my size castings.  After some call and research, I went to Clearfield Machine Company.  They were able to take my engineering of a finished part and produce, not only the required patterns and castings but also complete the machining and painting of the complete assembly.  The knowledge of the staff and quality of workmanship shows why Clearfield Machine Company has been successfully operating an iron casting foundry and machine shop for more than 150 year.  I would highly recommend CMCo. as your one source for patterns, castings and machining.”   J.P. – Valve and Pump manufacturer