Celebrating the years


Clearfield Machine Company celebrates the great history of manufacturing in America and Clearfield, Pennsylvania everyday.  There are some special reminders of CMCo.'s commitment to iron casting quality that have stood for years past and will stand long into our future as reminders of the expertise of CMCo., it's owners, staff and team of workers.   Some years ago Clearfield Machine Company was proud to collaborate with local citizens to cast the Clearfield Bison at the 'Bison Wall' in downtown Clearfield, PA.  CMCo. also worked with restoration of the Smithfield Street Bridge in Pittsburgh, PA to recast the old deteriorating  Ironwork Ironwork SMITHFIELD ST BRIDGE and Coalminer from original castings salvaged from the bridge.  Each of these castings required several dozen sand shapes - called cores to produce the intricate shape of the artwork.  These historic castings are reminders of the craftsmanship of American manufacturers and will remain as unsigned works of Clearfield Machine Company for many years into the future.   Through the years of iron casting CMCo. has produced a great number of cannon barrels from early English designs through the American Civil War years. The most elaborate of these being historic art replicas of the  13 inch Sea Coast Mortar  produced complete with the 'monkeys' and balls.  The barrel along on this gun weighed in at 17,186 pounds.

While the mainstay of iron casting work at Clearfield Machine Company involves machinery and equipment parts produced with extreme quality and accuracy, many of these pieces will never be seen in use by the average person nor recognized as a product from Clearfield, Pennysvania.   It is hoped that as Clearfield Machine Company continues into the future to mold, pour and machine iron castings its mark will be seen in some of the more public pieces it has been proud to produce.